Be Human

PEC Leadership Training

PEC is a village level community based organization which plays prime role in community empowerment for enhancement of food security and dignity of life through the project support. After formation of PEC, DPMU was arranged 3 days residential training of PEC office bearers in previous FY.

They have already carried out few land & Water activities and participating in GSRMLP preparation. Few gaps were identified by JRM team during the monitoring visit related to ownership & documentation issue.

Keeping it in the mind, we have planned to arranged GP wise PEC leadership training to strengthen their book keeping skills and to eradicate common issues faced by them through open discussion. MoU copies have been distributed in the training also.

Convergence with JSLPS

Project has been designed to promote Woman Empowerment through functionalization of SHGs which will be handed over to JSLPS after three years for better guidance. In this current year, we have promoted 148 SHGs and identification & training of SHG book Keepers have been completed.

We are sharing same online MIS with JSLPS from Sep’16 and present instruction has come from Secretary Welfare, Govt. of Jharkhand based on the convergence meeting held between JTDS & JSLPS State level officials on 7.2.17 for handing over SHGs in two phases immediately after discussion with District Staff of JSLPS.