Be Human

Message from Secretary

Greetings from Lok Chetana Yuva Manch!

LCYM is very small grassroot level registered non-government organization but our high expectation with youth enforcement is very remarkable in Jharkhand. Presently Youth force is diverting from sustainable society due to lack of job opportunities, modern style living with less expectation rather than simple living high expectation. Maximum Youths are involving with earning pattern by hook or crooks with quick success. In that resaons youth are not hesitated to involvement in anti-social work such as terrorist groups, corruption mechanism and others violence activities. So, We are trying to utilization of youth force for establishment of sustainable eco-friendly justice society. We are strongly believe that Youth Movement is vital role play to transformation of the society regarding on food, health, education security manner along with fight against corruption, exploitation, violence and human rigths violation context in the society. We have succeeded in our 160 project villages with the involvement of youth generation by the active participation as well as leading of Gram Sabha/Village Council, Gramsabha project monitoring & evaluation committee, 28 Youth Groups, 148 Women Self Help Groups, Village Health Committee, Village Education Committee and Farmer’s Committee/Club etc. Our Youth Force is being overcome from social evils, poverty, illiteracy, unemployment, migration, forest degradation, land & water pollution, corruption, exploitation, violence and human rights violation issues in their respective villages. Our Youth leaders & staffs are mobilized the community to much more involvement in socio-ecomic developmental programs along with collective movement against corruption, exploitation, violence and human rigths violations manner. Hereby notified that past historty said that Any revolution was being succeeded by the Youth in any society. So, we are ongoing rigth direction to make a revolution regarding on eco-friendly justice society.

I am giving sincerely thanks to our youth staffs, officials, Youth leaders and financial & technical assistance groups for their vital role play to enreach of our organizational vision, mission and objectives in the society.

I am given special message to all youth generation to make your constructive life rather than destructive life and engage to make eco-friendly justice society. “Nature is always fulfillment of our need but not greed” so, save nature save life

Thanking you
Sriniwas Singh
General Secretary

Preface Note from Project Coordinator Desk

The focus of this website of Lok Chetna Yuva Manch (Youth Forum of Public Conciousness) is the development of Youth’s values and religiosity in cultural context. Values are a major motivational and norma- tive basis for the development of individual identity, belief systems, and behaviors. Moreover, values serve to guide social processes in interpersonal interactions. Similarly, religious beliefs and practices play a significant role in adolescent & Youth social behaviors, relationships, and adjustment. We hope these discussions will be conducive to a better understanding of adolescent and Youth Participation in development process in a changing context and further exploration of the involvement of contextual factors in development in the future.

Lok Chetna Yuva Manch(Youth Forum for Public Consiciousness ) is aim to much more youth involvement in reformation mechanism in the society. Youth generation is a vital role play to revolution of the society regarding on food, health, education and livelihood security concern with their commitment, dedication and unity. Youth generation is being taken easily much more risk rather than other people in the society. LCYM is being converted youth generation from destructive manner to constructive manner regarding on agriculture, horticulture, livestock resource and forest resource development perspective. LCYM is being wanted to development of collective mechanism in earning pattern of rural livelihood concern. LCYM is being wanted to exploration of the Organizational concept, plan, implementation process, monitoring & evaluation mechanisms along with accountibility, transferable mechanism, role & responsibility among the target groups and LCYM. LCYM is being strongly believed that Development is a continuous process which is being succeeded by active participation of targeted groups. LCYM has been trying to develop close relataionship between targeted groups and Support agencies (conceptual, technical and financial)

LCYM has been trying to develop collective mechanism among human, nature and others development sectors(Livestock, labor force, etc.) since Last 2004. The organization is being developed complementary economic pattern in rural society. Complementary economic pattern means each and every people are contributing their earn of the family /community as well as need base participation in Income of the family /community. Simlarly Earning patern of the family is being linked with cultivation, livestock, labour, cottage industries, and forest resources. Another most vital issues to conservation of nature by the way of need base participation of human, insects, birds, micro-organisms, animal. Beast, etc. We can not destroyed to others catalysts in the nature. Each and every micro to macro organisms are vital role play to conservation and promotion of recycle mechanism in the nature. Human can not neglect/destroyed to others catalysts of nature. So, LCYM is wanting to develop close relationship between Human and Nature with live to otherselves.

I am given sicerely thanks to General Secretary, staffs, target groups, technical and financial asisstance groups for their commitment, dedication, and sacrified nature.

With best wishes
Thanking you
Bhupati Nath Mahato
Project Coordinator



To develop mechanism which is ensure shelter, livelihood, health and education without anykind of bios and live with dignity of all people in the society.


  • Reformation, rejuvenation and stregthen of civil society organization
  • Collective Approach (Nature and Human resources)
  • Active People Particpatory dicision making process
  • Accountibility, transferency and Responsibility

Who We Are ?

NGO Background :

LCYM was founded in the year of 2004 by a team of young social activists having good understanding and knowledge in social issues. Under the guidance of experienced Social Workers, still it is growing by working together with deprived section of the society. Idea behind the formation of society has been putting all experiences of social development and rural reconstruction into practice. Gradually covering number of villages, more than 160 villages of E.Singbhum, Saraikella- Kharsawan, Jamtara are under intervention.

Vision :

Establishment of a sustainable eco-friendly with justice society where is free from hunger, discrimination, violence, exploitation and corruption.


  • A. Awareness Generation Programme
  • B. Capacity Building Programme
  • C. Life Skills Development Programme
  • D. Rural Health Promotion & Development Programme
  • E. Natural Resource Management Programme
  • F. Livestock Resource Management Programme
  • G. Promotion & Development of Civil Society Organization


Public Consiciousness:

Meeting, Seminar, workshop, Rally, Information Education & Communication Material(IEC) dissemination, Distribution Poster, Pumplates and Hoarding & wall writing

Capacity Building :

Conceptual & Vocational Training, Lifeskill Development, Human & Natural Resource Management, Reporting & Documentation, Leadership Development, Rural Health Management, Exposure visit, Livestock Resource Management, Income generation activities, etc.

Life Skill Development :

Learning with Earning of School going children, Earning with Learning of Farmers, Youth & Women, Complementary economic pattern of individual, family and Community

Rural Health Promotion :

  • I. Formation & strengthen of Village Health committee
  • II. Workshop & Training on Mother & Child Health Care
  • III. Immunization ofPregnant Mother & Children
  • IV. Meeting, Seminar, conference on Communicable disease & Malnutrition
  • V. Community Based Rehabilitation of Disable People
  • VI. Provide of Rural Health Sanitation facilities
  • VII. Campaign on Rural Health & Sanitation context

Natural Resource Management :

  • 1. Construction of Organic Compost, Vermin Compost and Farm Yard Manaure Pit,
  • 2. Crops cultivation in Rainy, winter and Summer season,
  • 3. Field level training on cultivation process with farmers,

Natural Resource Management :

  • 1. Construction of Organic Compost, Vermin Compost and Farm Yard Manaure Pit,
  • 2. Crops cultivation in Rainy, winter and Summer season,
  • 3. Field level training on cultivation process with farmers,
  • 4. Soil moisture management, soil fertility management.

Land resource Development:

  • I. Land reclamation,
  • II. contour bunding,
  • III. soil moisture management,
  • IV. soil fertility management,
  • V. Horticulture and Plantation.

Water resource development activities:

  • 1. Construction of Pond, Tank, Irrigation well, Seapage wells, Seapage tank, Check Dam, etc.
  • 2. Fish Farming in individual & Community Tanks, Ponds, Check Dam by Women SHGs & Youth Groups

Forest Management:

  • I. Minor Forest Products,
  • II. Lac cultivation,
  • III. Sericulture,
  • IV. Plantation, etc.
  • V. Formation & Strengthen of Village Forest Management Committee

Livestock Resource Management :

  • I. Construction of Goat, Poultry, and Pig Sheds
  • II. Construction of Goat & Pig Breeding Centre
  • III. Procurement of Goat, Pig, Poultry, Duck etc.
  • IV. Training on Health management of Goat, Pig , Poultry
  • V. Training on vetreinary with farmers

Promotion & Development of Civil Society Organization :

  • I. Reformation of Gram Sabha/Village Council , Women Self Help Groups, Youth Groups, Farmer’s committee, Village Health Committee, Village Education Committee, Gram Sabha Project Monitoring & Evaluation Committee, Village Development Fund
  • II. Capacity Building of CSO- workshop & training on leadership development, Human Resource Management, Exposure Visit, Fund raising & financial management, People Participatory Planing, People Rural Apprisal(PRA), Village Resource Management, Training on collective approach against any kind of violence, corruption, exploitation and human rights violations. Training on Rights & Entitlement, Provisional Rights & duties of civilian in Indian Constitution and Government Schemes & Programs, Convergence meet between CSOs & Government Officials.
  • III. Support service of CSO – Reporting & Documentation on Books of Accounts, Legal compliances, Social Audit, Annual audit of Books of Accounts, Communal Asset creation, Fund raising of CSO,
  • IV. Information, Education & Communication System- Establishment of Farmers’s Service Centre, Establishment of Cultural wings, Establishment of Community Health Centre, Establishment of JOBHUB Centre for Youth & Adolescent, etc.