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Establishment of Farmers' Service Center

As per the AWP&B, we have established Farmers’ Service Center in Teliabandhi village of Banarnacha Panmchayat with objective to improve farm clinical services equipped with machinery and fertilizers for soil problem diagnosis, pest and Disease management along with market intelligent services that help farmers to operate agricultural markets to sale their products while act as Federation to disseminate and develop agricultural vision of farmers with District Horticultural Mission and other likeminded organization.

Initially, Site selection & Layout was completed in Jagatdih. But, during the meeting, internal conflict was noticed among GS-PEC members and Land owner regarding the land issue and community readiness was lacking.

We have stopped the chaque and discussed the matter with SPMU team. Based on their field visit experience and JRM team recommendation, Teliabndhi has been finalized for establishment of FSC. Work has been completed in the month of March’17. Now, Paddy and Mustard Oil mill and vegetable sorting machine will be established and as Farmers Cooperative has already been formed, training will be organized in the 1st Quarter.