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Distribution of Pump Set in the mode of convergence

Discussion was started in the Gram Sabha where few optimistic farmers have requested for pump set support for winter crops. As the topic raised in the DPCC meeting, DAO has shared the subsidy option. After approval from SPMU, we have distributed 18 pumps set in the mode of convergence.

  • 3 Hp Pump Set costs Rs. 22,800/ + Irrigation Pipe of Rs. 5000/-

  • Subsidy from Department of Agriculture – Rs. 10,000/-

  • Contribution of JTDS: 80% of rest amount (Rs. 10,240/-)

  • Beneficiaries Contribution: Rs. 2560/-

  • Contribution of JTDS: Rs. 4000/--

  • Contribution of Beneficiary: Rs. 1000/-

Beneficiary has submitted demand form to GS-PEC and JTDS too has disbursed subsidy amount to GS-PEC. Now, GS-PEC will purchase the pump set from District Agriculture Department by submission beneficiary contribution & JTDS subsidy amount.