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Convergence with MGNREGS:

JTELP is working mainly in food security issue by enhancing access to natural and manmade resources at village level. Need based Area specific plan has been developed in all 88 project villages namely Gram Sabha Resource Management and Livelihood Plan, made by the villagers with facilitation of JTELP team.

During the preparation of GPDP, we have participated in tolla and Gram Sabha and incorporated GSRMLP into annual plan of MGNREGS. But, prime decision was taken by Ministry of Panchayat & Rural Development, Govt.

of Jharkhand when, ensure compulsory stake of JTDS in entire planning, Execution and Monitoring of MGNREGS in project villages, supported by P&RD and implemented by GS-PEC. Delegation of power flowed downward with a hope for greater community participation and need based area specific development. Ministry of Panchayat & Rural Development, Govt.

of Jharkhand has issued a letter (Lt. No. 13-215/Convergence/2016/R.D) where role and responsibility of each stakeholder is clearly mentioned and a convergence workshop has been organized in Project Bhavan, Ranchi on 1.3.17 with participation of BDOs, BPO and District and Block level concerned representatives of JTDS and FNGOs. Work will be started from FY 17-18.