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GSRMLP Preparation

As it has been decided that five year comprehensive GSRMLP will be developed through patch wise planning. A separate two days ToT was organized in the block level with CRPs where 53 CRPs and 5 CF were participated. Objective of the training is mentioned below:

  • To perceive an idea about bottom up approach of Livelihood planning and its compilation

  • To know about various tools and techniques for integrated livelihood plan

  • To acquainted with the approach and procedure of GSRMLP preparation

  • To develop knowledge about stakeholders' involvement in GSRMLP preparation

The training has been divided into two parts in which 1st day was in-house training where participants have been told about the objective of the training and its effectiveness in sustainable development of village resources. Then, Cadastral map was introduced among the participants and they learnt to identify Patches in the map. after the lunch break, discussion was carried out on various patch wise treatment in upland, mid land and low land along with the procedure to collect data from the field. Last session of the day was the group work and presentation where participants were divided into small groups and group work was taken place in following topics:

  • Objective and various tools for preparation of GSRMLP

  • Involvement & Roles of various stakeholders in GSRMLP preparation

  • Identification of Patches in Cadastral map & possible land wise treatment

  • Vision- My village in present day and five years later

In the 2nd day, participants were divided into 5 small groups and they have visited 5 different patches (1 Patch/ Group) along with GS-PEC members and villagers. finally, they have presented their findings and proposed plan in front of villagers.

After successful completion of the training, TSA has facilitated GSRMLP preparation in two villages (Teliabandhi of Fatepur & Nitaidih of Jamtara) in presence of all FNGO staff. Then, FNGO team started village wise intervention by earning the cooperation & support from the villagers & GS-PEC. Status of GSRMLP preparation as on 30.9.16